Boost your interiors

Improve natural light and ventilation

Want to bring more light into your living room or kitchen?.

Light is incredibly important when it comes to our natural functioning, it boosts your mood and wellness which can then improve things at many different levels. Definitely one of the greatest investments you can make.



Get yourself an inspiring office at home

Home-officing is here to stay. We better enjoy that third of our lives that we spend at work.

We help you identifying best spots to maximize space so you can feel concentrated while working at home by trying to get closer to an actual office environment. Less distractions, sound proofing, proper lighting and finishings...any detail counts when it comes to improve productivity.


Time for a revamp in your business premises?

Sometimes, just a few strategic changes will do

A nice makeover of your premises either in retail, hostelry or walk-in offices and stores will quickly pay for itself, boosting your offer and the attraction of your audience. We help you throughout the process from design to construction when we are your allies administering contractor works and costs.

Remember that The Architect Mate is your personal Project Manager too! 

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